Mistletoes & Whiney Countdown To Christmas


A mischievously fun new festive show for ages 3-8 years and their families - an exciting co-production between Open Attic Company (Much Ado About Puffin) and The Wardrobe Theatre (The Star Seekers)

Mistletoe & Whiney are part of the Christmas package – two of the unseen helpers putting things in place, making magic happen and ensuring that everything is ready for the BIG DAY! Mistletoe loves December more than anything and bursts with excitement every morning as he opens the latest door on his calendar… But this year, his cantankerous chum, Whiney, is fixed on making Christmas different… REALLY different. Whiney can’t bare cold weather, silly hats and Brussel sprouts anymore and wants to throw a little mischief into the Christmas cake mix. But just how far will Whiney dare to go to spice up her Christmas experience? And how long can Mistletoe play along with the fun before he is faced with the prospect of saving Christmas Day itself?!

The Countdown to Christmas begins…

This show ran at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol from the 10th Dec - 8th Jan 2017

It is available for Christmas 2018, please enquire via our contacts page.

After the mesmerisingly magical Much Ado About Puffin, Open Attic Company are delighted to return this Christmas with a stunning new family show. Mistletoe & Whiney’s Countdown to Christmas is a co-production with The Wardrobe Theatre, their latest family show after the phenomenally popular The Star Seekers! Together they will make this a Christmas to remember…

“Open Attic Company have created something quite wonderful.”
Chris Pirie, Green Ginger Theatre Company, on Open Attic Company’s Much Ado About Puffin

“A beautifully wide-eyed, enthusiastic and good-humoured show.”
Bristol 24/7 on The Wardrobe Theatre’s The Star Seekers

“Mesmeric composition and magical execution of a wonderful rhythmic and captivating performance.”
Audience Reaction to Open Attic Company’s Much Ado About Puffin

“Beautifully performed with exquisite set of puppets – magical!”
Audience Reaction to Open Attic Company’s Much Ado About Puffin