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Much Ado About Puffin

press quotes

"...a story of beauty, laughter and love that transcends language and age barriers."

Jesse Holliland, Made in Plymouth (Full review here)

"...gentle and thoughtful piece with a lot of integrity, which didn’t patronise its audience or play to the gallery. I particularly liked the design and the music, both real strengths, and the puppets were charming."

Jude Merrill MBE, Travelling Light

"Open Attic Company have created something quite wonderful. Much Ado About Puffin is a highly visual, non-language show which allows its audience of all sizes to fully engage their own imaginations. Stormy seas and crashing waves are suggested by a carefully crafted soundtrack by Sarah Moody and clear physical choreography directed by Adam Fuller. Seconds later, the same space can be transformed into the interior of a small cabin perched on a rocky island. Two able and talented performers, Adam Blake and Debbie Hard use puppetry and mime with clarity and infectious joy to tell a straightforward story of a man whose job seems to be to take readings from weather instruments on a neighbouring island, necessitating a perilous boat journey there and back.

The success of this show lies in its simplicity. Not one of the elements - Dean Sudron's lighting or design, the aforementioned performances or Moody's evocative music - is trying too hard to find its place. The form of the piece acknowledges its audience and the gentle clowning presence of Blake alongside Hard's calm and confident puppetry allows the watcher to enter into the spirit and joy of the storytelling as it unfolds."

Chris Pirie, Green Ginger