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Birth & Death & Here & Now

A new theatre show with Adam Blake by Open Attic Company.


Adam wants to celebrate and explore the three most important moments in all of our lives: The moment we are born; the moment we die; and this very moment happening right here and now…

In Birth & Death & Here & Now, a new solo show from Bristol-based Open Attic Company, we are asked to nurture innocence and intrigue when we meet ourselves in the form of a baby. We must confront our fears in the shape of a persistent manifestation of the Grim Reaper and we are thrown into the NOW as Adam seeks to ride the moment that we are all living together, drawing on the real feelings and experiences of those present in the room.

With clowning, puppetry, solo improvisation and fooling, Birth & Death & Here & Now is a thrilling new show that will be a totally unique experience each night.