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Birth & Death & Here & Now

press quotes

audience members have said...

“He's an enormously skillful performer - generous and engaging, with superb audience rapport, a charming line in self-deprecation and well pitched naive mischievousness. It's kind of stand-up meets puppetry meets foolery meets Something New."


"As well as being very funny and very clever, it's original and unusual. Moreover, it takes you all over the place and back again - a properly surprising and satisfying journey. It's genuinely thought provoking and at moments very powerful.”


“This piece was beautiful, sad, heartfelt and thought-provoking. It made me laugh and also cry, with moments of light relief serving to make the heart-twisting sections even more wrenching, so beautifully and quietly done."


"As a show it stayed with me for ages afterwards, leaving its trace and popping up in my thoughts at random times, causing me to contemplate death and the ideal way to die as I bought a coffee or took the bus to work."